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Slazenger V800 Aeroblade English Willow Cricket Bat

The Slazenger V800 Aeroblade Mens Cricket Bat has been crafted with the finest English willow and part of the revolutionary patent pending Gladius Blade range of bats.

Designed through in-depth scientific simulations and rigorous on-ground testing, Gladius Blade has been tested by international players and coaches, its chamfered edges is the USP of this brand new Slazenger bat.

Safer at the edges:
> Due to the chamfered edges, the ball travels lower and further away from the slip fielders, reducing the chances of batsman getting caught

Swifter through the air:
> The aerodynamically superior design decreases air resistance on the bat by 3-4%
> Lesser air resistance ensures that the bat speed increases by 2-3%

> Cricket Bat
> English willow construction
> Contoured edge profile for extended sweet spot
> Low blade profile
> Semi-oval 12 piece cane handle
> Standard bow
> Square toe
> Flat/Rounded face
> Double texture zone grip
> IPS toe guard
> Slazenger branding