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Kookaburra Kahuna Players Batting Glove

Kookaburra has designed batting gloves suitable for all levels of player that will provide the right amount of protection to suit your needs. From professional to junior level, choosing the right protection helps you to feel secure and comfortable at the crease, so you can stay focused on your game.The Kahuna Players Glove is a Professional level (level 5) glove that delivers optimum comfort and protection. A non-stretch, super flex kangaroo leather palm and 'Total Shock Dispersal' towel foam lining make this an incredibly luxurious glove for the consummate professional.Padding and protection is provided by cotton multi-flex sections with rounded fiber inserts, 3 piece high density foam side protection and a 3 piece thumb for added maneuverability.To keep your hands cool and dry, Kookaburra employ an airflow mesh gusset with a double-sided towel wrist and hook and loop fastening, working with you to deliver a professional performance.