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Gunn & Moore

GM 1885 DXM Original LE Cricket Bat

The Gunn & Moore® 1885 DXM™ cricket bat is crafted from top-quality English willow that has been treated to prevent toe cracking, splitting and moisture uptake. Its lightweight, traditional design features contoured edges and a swell positioned to maximize power. Crafted from the very best unbleached, seasoned Grade 1 English willow, this Original L.E. version is individually tested to ensure 5-star performance.



  • Made from top-quality English willow
  • Lightweight, traditional design
  • Contoured edges
  • Swell positioned to maximize power
  • Traditional back profile
  • ToeTek™ Technology: Specially shaped resilient shield fitted to the toe of the bat; reduces toe damage and feathering caused by tapping at the crease
  • GM Now! Finish!: Dri-Guard™ (to minimize toe swelling), raw linseed oil (to reduce cracking and splitting) and clear, anti-scuff cover (for extra durability)
  • Engraved toe detail
  • Made in England

Grade: Original L.E.

  • The very best unbleached, seasoned Grade 1 English willow
  • Selected for grain structure and weight
  • Limited by willow availability
  • Individually tested to ensure 5-star performance
  • Fitted with top-quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control
  • Handle ovalled for natural bottom hand location and control