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Gray Nicolls

GN Maverick F1 - LE Cricket Bat


 Maverick... Someone that doesn't follow the crowd and makes his own rules. Whether you're opening the batting or chasing a target in the middle order, the Maverick will help any batsman make an impact at the crease. A bat built for generating high bat speed due to the new Speed Groove Edge technology which improves its aerodynamic quality, the Maverick has a sweet spot located in the mid section and weighs in at 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz. The slightly concave shaping helps create a smooth pick-up.The 12 piece cane handle comes with a choice of 3 Gray-Nicolls shapes and a double textured grip for added control.
Weight Range 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz.
Handle Finest 12 piece cane handle for maximum feel through the blade.
Handle Shape Options available in all 3 of Gray-Nicolls handle technologies.
Bow Even mid-blade bow.
Sweet spot Mid-blade sweet spot Profile Slight concave shaping to maximise pick-up and balance.
Edge New Speed Groove Technology to improve the aerodynamics of the blade and increase bat speed
through the ball.
Grip New double-texture Zone Grip for excellent control of the blade.