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Batting Helmets

There's a nasty fasty stamping his feet at the top of his run but you don't care because you're sporting your brand new bonnet. Now you can keep your eyes on the ball and stay in line until the last split second before ducking, swaying or smashing it for 6.

If you're playing league cricket chances are the "quicks" are throwing them down at around 75mph. Even at this pace a helmet makes a lot of sense. A ball in the face can cause a lot of damage at any pace and quite often it's a top edge or a lumpy wicket that causes the ball to target your pearly whites.

If you don't do a lot of batting we have a few good solid helmets starting at $35. Those priced between $50 and $100 are exemplary pieces of equipment; lightweight, breathable, they don't bounce around and the grill will keep out pretty much anything that comes at you.

The top of the range helmets are designed for the pro's; feather light, ultimate crash protection, carbo frames and titanium grills, plus...... they really look the part.