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Affiliates & Associates will be "much better off" under the Big 3

January 29, 2014

So says Dave Richardson the ICC chief exec. Not quite what former ICC president Ehsan Mani thinks. According to him the Associate and Affiliate members will be $312.5m worse off.

Their reasoning is there is going to be a lot more money from broadcast rights, and a bigger pot means more for all, even if the Big 3 are taking a larger share.

I guess it is to be seen how this all pans out. I've got to say having spent the last decade in the USA, the majority of which I've been involved in cricket over here, that there is little to no interest outside the ex-pats who play on a weekend. There's no drive to try involve American kids other than from a few well intentioned people. There's no outreach, no publicity or promotion of the game, and I guess little interest from the Americans to actually get involved.

It could happen over here. It probably wouldn't take "all that much". I mean let's face it, you get good coaches coaching enough people you'll eventually get a good team.

The problem is that nobody is willing to make the initial investment. The ICC money pays for 14 or 16 guys to fly off and play a tournament every so often with a coach who flies in from India. None of it makes down to grass roots, at least not where I live.

I think the cricket community as a whole is missing a trick - a big one. Cricket, as professional and athletic as every player may be, is a game for the entertainment of the fans. It may have history and tradition but without the entertainment and without the fans Chris Gayle and Sachin Tendulkar would have been playing club cricket in the park. Professional sportsmen are entertainers. The most entertaining command the biggest salaries. My feeling is when the affiliate and associate cricket boards and the players themselves gain this one simple insight then maybe, just maybe they will understand which direction to take and how to reach their goals.


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