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The Gunn & Moore Neon 2017 Cricket Bat Review

September 19, 2016

The Gunn & Moore Neon 2017 Cricket Bat Review


Gunn & Moore have a number of eye catching new offerings for 2017, none more so than the Gunn & Moore Neon cricket bat.


Gunn & Moore make a point of detailing their technological advancements which for some of us make owning one of their bats all the more exciting while for others it's all about feel and performance.



GM have three grades for grade 1 willow; Original LE which they describe as being selected for grain structure and weight and which is individually tested, the Original which is a superior grade 1, predominantly straight grained with a hint of color on the edge and the 909, which is regular old grade 1, although it has exactly the same description as the Original. They have two grade 2 willows in the 808 and 707 Signature, which may have minor blemishes and color on one edge and two grade 3's; the 606, which is unbleached and the 404 which is bleached English willow.




The Neon has a shortened L540 blade design and 310mm handle which GM claims provides a dynamic sweetspot. In real terms they have shortened the blade of the bat and lengthened the handle to move the actual sweetspot down a bit. This works in principle as long as you don't naturally grip the bat right down at the shoulders, in which case you would have an uncomfortably long handle.


This bat has what GM calls the F4.5 face profile, which means it's a little rounded. If you like a concaved profile this is a beautiful looking bat that has a great pickup. The black and neon blue decals look fantastic, similar the the GM Octane but more eye catching.



The Neon is available in weights ranging from 2lbs 8oz up to 2lbs 13oz for the Original LE and the Original and from 2lbs 9oz up to 2lbs 14oz for the 909 and 808. Note that all the lightest GM bats are only available in the highest quality willows.


The GM Neon cricket bat is available from First Choice Cricket.


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Max Bradshaw
Max Bradshaw

January 07, 2017

Such a good bat

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