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Kookaburra Cricket Bats Review 2017

November 29, 2016

Kookaburra Cricket Bats Review 2017

Kookaburra  Kahuna Cricket Bat 2017

The Kookaburra   Kahuna Range of bats has 9 options available from the top range "Pro" in grade 1 English Willow through to the "200" which is made from Grade 5 English willow. Willow is graded on the number of grains on the face of the blade together with the amount of white as opposed to red wood showing. The higher the grade the less knots and blemishes will be found. Grade 3 willow is the most popular grade in bats and is regarded as the best value for money.  

The Kahuna Pro is a grade 1 willow bat. The Kahuna 2000, also a grade 1 willow has both long and short handle options. Grade 2 willow is used in the Kahuna 1000 and the Kahuna Obscene versions with the Obscene being a heavy bat ranging from 2lb 12oz to 3lb 2oz. The Kahuna 750 is made from grade 3 willow. The Kahuna 500 and the Kahuna Lite, are both made from grade 4 willow, the Lite weighing less than 2lb 8oz. The Kahuna 200 is made from grade 5 willow. 

All the Kahuna range have the same basic design. They have a big sweet spot in the mid area of the blade with big, square edges and a high spine to put a lot of wood in the hitting area. To keep the weight down the Kahuna has a concaves scallop of between 3 to 5 mms. The face is flat and there is a bow of 11 to 13 mms. It is suggested that a bow promotes the hands to be in front of the blade giving more control over shots. The toe is also slightly angled so that the bat sits well in the stance position and the hands remain slightly ahead of the blade.  The handle on the Kahuna is round a Power Drive design made from specially selected slices of cane bonded together.


Kookaburra have developed two heavy bats in the Kahuna range, called "Big Kahunas". They are the Kahuna Obscene made from  grade 2 willow and the grade 3 Kahuna Extreme. These batas come in at 2lb 12oz to 3lb 2oz and are essentially T20 type bats having massive profiles. Both the Big Extreme and the Big Obscene have large high sweetspots. As you would expect from a T20 type bat they both have large square edges and a high spine with a concave scallop of 1 to 2 mms. The bow on the blade is between 10 mm and 12 mm. The faces on both the Big Obscene and the Big Extreme are flat and both have oval " Power Drive" handles made of specially selected laminated cane. The grip is the octopus design. These bats are pre prepared, which means they need less preparation before use but Kookaburra recommend some knocking in. 

Kookaburra  Blaze Cricket Bat 2017

The Blaze range of bats and batting equipment has been developed by  Kookaburra in conjunction with the Lancashire and England wicket keeper Jos Butler. The top of the range Blaze bats are the Blaze Pro and Blaze 1500, both of which are made from Grade 1 willow. The Blaze 900 is a Grade 2 willow bat which also has a long blade option. The Blaze 700 is a Grade 3 willow and the Blaze 400 comes from a grade 4.

The Kookaburra Blaze design with its full profile is ideal for making shots all round the wicket. The  black and orange graphics with flashes of yellow are striking. The Blaze range  has the familiar Kookaburra angled toe to promote a correct stance.

I t has a rounded face and a large middling sweet spot. The edges are large and slightly rounded and the spine is elongated with 1 to 2 mm concave scallop.

The Blaze bats have a bow of between 10 to14 mm and use the Kookaburra Players grip on the cushioned round Powerdrive selected cane handle. The Blaze range is pre-prepared but still needs to be treated before use.

Kookaburra  Surge Cricket Bat 2017

The Kookaburra Surge range of bats has a large low/middle  sweet spot with distinct profiling around the toe to ensure enhanced pickup. The greater the weight towards to bottom of the bat the heavier it will be on pickup so the skill is to get the balance right on bats with the hitting zone low on the bat face.

The Surge has an elongated spine, big edges and  slightly rounded face. It has an angled toe design to help in stance and the power force handle has a snake skin grip design. The bat comes in weights of between 2lb 8.5os and 2lb 10.5oz.

The predominant colour of the stickers is blue and the familiar black markings and logos.

Like all the Kookaburra range of bats the Surge is available in Grade 1 English willow as the Kookaburra Surge Pro and  Kookaburra Surge 1250. In Grade 2 willow as the  Kookaburra Surge 800. In Grade 3 willow as the  Kookaburra Surge 600 and in grade 5 willow as both the  Kookaburra Surge 300 and the  Kookaburra Surge 100. All bats come pre-prepared. 

Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat 2017

The Kookaburra Ghost has a monster profile, reworked for 2017. In spite of the profile the Ghost has an exceptional pickup with  minimum scalloping around the back .

The large sweet spot is mid blade with a flat face and big square edges. The bats weigh in the order of 2lb 10oz and 2 lb 13oz. The Power drive handle is oval and the grip is the Vee design.

The color is a pale, almost grey, blue with the familiar Kookaburra logo and design in black. All Ghost bats are short handled. The Kookaburra Ghost Pro is a Grade 1 English willow bat. 

The K ookaburra Ghost 1000 is grade 2 willow and the   Kookaburra Ghost  600 and t he Kookaburra Ghost  Lite are grade 3. The Kookaburra Ghost 200 is a grade 5 willow.

Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Bat 2017

The Kookaburra Fuse is a brand new bat for 2017. By shaping the back of the blade Kookaburra have been able to stretch the middle over the bottom 15 inches of the bat.

This creates a huge sweet spot which is located mid blade.  The Fuse comes in two levels of willow, Grade 3 as the Kookaburra Fuse 700 and Grade 5 as the Kookaburra Fuse 250. The handle itself is oval and has the Vee design grip. 

The color scheme of yellow and black is striking.  The Fuze comes pre-prepared but will need to be finished before use. The toe is slightly angled to encourage correct stance at the crease. The edges are large and the face rounded.

There is a bow of 11 to 12 mm on the blade length for good pick up. Fuse bats have large spine, described by Kookaburra as a super spine and weigh between 2lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz.

Kookaburra Zinc Cricket Bat 2017

The Kookaburra Zinc is a bat evolved from the popular Kookaburra Onyx profile. The Zinc has a powerful design with big square edges and a super spine. There is a concave scallop of 1 to 3 mm and a bow of 10 to 14 mm.

The Powerdrive cane handle is oval  and it has a chevron design grip. The weight of the Zinc varies between 2lb 8.5 oz and 2lb 10.5oz. The bat has the Kookaburra angled toe and is pre-prepared.

There are two versions of the Zinc, the Grade 2 willow,  Kookaburra Zinc 800 and the grade 4  Kookaburra Zinc 400. Both versions have short handles.

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