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Gunn & Moore Paragon 2017 Cricket Bat Review

October 07, 2016

Gunn & Moore Paragon 2017 Cricket Bat Review

The Gunn & Moore Paragon 2017 is a standard length bat with a conventional length blade and handle. This wouldn't usually be worth a mention, but the GM range for 2017 does contains a number of non-traditional sized blades and handle lengths in the Neon, Mana and Kaha.


The bat is designed for the batsman who prefers timing and deflections to power hitting as the swell is higher up on the blade. The back is deeply concaved right down to the toe so the pickup is light and easy. This is good a bat for the wristy batsman.


With the Paragon the edges are contoured and thick. Thick edges are the new standard as the design is more forgiving for those of us who don't always middle the ball. The additional wood means more power when the ball hits off center. Thick edges can also help with those mistimed shots and top edges. 

The rounded face, the newly designed 2017 green and black stickers and the contoured back all suggest elegance. This bat is ideal for the batsman who favors style above power.

The Paragon comes in in 5 models with the Original LE, Original and 909 being grade 1 willow and weighing between 2lb 9oz and 2lb 15oz while the 606 and 404 models are grade 3 willow and weigh between 2lbs 10oz and 2lb 15oz.

The Gunn & Moore Paragon is available from First Choice Cricket for the 2017 season.

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