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Gunn & Moore Mana 540 2017 Cricket Bat Review

October 05, 2016

Gunn & Moore Mana 540 2017 Cricket Bat Review

The Gunn & Moore Mana 540 cricket bat is a new short bladed addition to the GM range for 2017.



When a ball hits a bat the bat will vibrate in waves throughout its length. There are some areas of the bat where the vibration is zero and that is where the greatest power can be generated from.


When the ball hits the bat low down at the toe the handle is pushed forward and you get that familiar stinging feeling in your hands. If the ball hits high on the bat the handle flexes backwards and it feels like there is no wood behind it. The best results are when the ball impacts within an area of the bat where the handle is not pushed either forwards or backwards. GM claim that there are two of these sweet spot areas on a bat, known in physics as the center of percussion, and that with a shorter blade these two low vibration points are brought closer together to give a larger more powerful sweet spot. 



The Mana is one of GM's shorter bladed bats but not the shortest. To compensate for the shortness of the blade they put in a longer 310mm handle, so the overall length is the same as most regular sized bats.
The pronounced spine and quite deep concaving to the back give the bat a classy appearance enhanced with the red and black stickers. The concaving allows for substantial edges and a nice middle swell of 67 mm and has  the familiar rounded face. So overall a good looking bat.

The GM Mana 540 is produced in adult and harrow youth sizes in seven different willow grades from the very best grade 1 willow in the Original LE to the lower grade 3 willow for 303 model.

The Gunn & Moore Mana 540 is available from First Choice Cricket for the 2017 season.

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