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Gunn & Moore Kaha L525 2017 Cricket Bat Review

October 07, 2016

Gunn & Moore Kaha L525 2017 Cricket Bat Review

The Gunn & Moore Kaha L525 is new for the 2017 season.



This is a bat designed for the short format game where big hits are required. The blade is very short, almost 1.5" shorter than a standard blade - think Mongoose but not quite as drastic.


Gunn & Moore's venture into producing shorter blade bats are with a view to the T20 game, to make clearing the ropes and hitting big 6's a little easier for us non-pro players.

The Kaha L525 has a lower sweet spot and a reasonably large edges without being excessive. The spine is accentuated in the driving zone, putting more wood into this area for extra power.  This makes it easier to hit high and long even when the ball is not middled. 

Weight is saved by having a concave back otherwise the pickup would be heavy, but it is not deeply concaved to maintain the strength of the bat when hitting big.
In addition the Kaha has a long  handle which gives more whip on the stroke but it is not much longer than a standard long handle at 325 mm, so it should not be too awkward for the wristey players. The face is slightly rounded as is standard with GM bats.

The Kaha comes in four models; the Original LE and Original are both grade 1 willow, with weights between 2lb 9oz and 2lb 15oz.  The 606 and 404 models are both grade 3 willow with available weights between 2lb 10oz and 3lbs.

The Gunn & Moore Kaha L525 is available at First Choice Cricket for the 2017 season.

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