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Gray Nicolls 2017 Cricket Bat Reviews

November 26, 2016

Gray Nicolls 2017 Cricket Bat Reviews

Gray Nicholls Legend Cricket Bat

The GN Legend is the top of the range bat in the classic Grey-Nicholls  style. The class of the Legend is emphasised by its almost lack of decoration, with a red V on the base of the handle and its elegant laser etched branding just below it on both face and back.

The bat has a mid blade strike zone with a concaved back and elegant spine to give a good balanced  pick up. The Legend is designed for the classical batter who is equally happy playing off both front or back foot.
The senior bat comes with a long or short handle and weighs between 2lb 8 oz and 2lb 12 oz. The grip is black with alternating diagonal etchings (Zone Pro) and is finished with a leather cap. 

As always it is the quality of the willow that determines the price of the bat and the Legend is made from the finest English willow which is grown and harvested by the Company themselves.

Grey Nicholls has an impressive range of ambassadors including big name players like Alastair Cook, Kusal Mendis, David Warner, Kane Williamson and Kraigg Braithwaite who carry the brand into the test arena.

Gray Nicolls Classic Cricket Bat

The GN Classic is the most familiar of the Grey-Nicholls stable of bats with its large red Gray Nicholls stickers. This is a bat for the all-round batsman, happy to play front or back shots.

There is a nice swell on the mid blade strike area with a concaved back and a clean spine. The edges are large without being as massive as on some bats.

The Classic has an semi-oval short handle with the top quality Pro Performance model having a handle which is one inch shorter than the other models but is heavier at 2lb 10oz to 2lb 12oz.

The other five models weigh in between 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz reflecting the quality of the English willow used. Junior bats are available in  sizes 5, 6, and Harrow. 

Gray Nicolls Sabre Cricket Bat

Gray Nicholls have brought back a classic design of 1990's with the new GN Sabre. This is the dual scoop bat in which there are two deep scoops on each side of the spine in the low strike area. By reducing weight at the base of the bat the pick up is made lighter and more balanced. 

This is a bat designed for a front foot player who is not a massive hitter. The grip is of the chevron design and the short handle is semi oval. The bat weighs in at 2lb 8oz to 2lb 10oz.

Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bat

If the  Gray Nicholls Legend is understated in terms of decoration the Kaboom is on the other end of the scale as could be expected in a bat designed for  a flamboyant big hitter like David Warner whose signature appears on the bat.

This is essentially a T20 type bat with a low strike area, large edges and a concaved back. The orange grip is of chevron design and the short handle is semi oval. The senior bat weighs between 2lb 8oz and 2lb 12oz while the junior models come in size 4, 5, 6 and Harrow.

Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 Cricket Bat

The new  Gray Nicholls Velocity XP1 is a bat designed to give power and a good pickup but is aimed at the all round batsman. The bat has a mid blade strike zone with a larger swell giving weight behind the impact area.

The spine is clean and the back concaved to give a good balanced. There are 9 variants of the Velocity XP1 from Limited Edition to 400 and three Junior models.

The Velocity XP1 has a semi oval handle with a Grey Nicolls Zone Pro grip. The stickers are light green mirroring the popular GN Velocity shoes.

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 Cricket Bat

The Predator 3 is a return of a Gray Nicholls iconic bat. It weighs in from 2lb 6oz to 3lb so at the top level this is a big heavy bat.

There are 9 grades of Predator 3 available from the very top grade "Haelstrom" weighing 3.lb to 2lb 10 oz through Limited Edition down to Destroyer model. The Junior level has a Limited Edition model at the top end and five grades overall.

Like many Gray Nicholls bats the Predator 3 has a mid blade striking zone with a lovely rounded profiled back and concaving at the rear. The familiar orange and black reinforce the traditional excellence of the Predator 3. The handle is semi oval and the grip is of a chevron design.

Gray Nicolls Supernova Cricket Bat

The Grey-Nicolls Supernova differs from many other bats in the new Grey Nicolls range because it has large edges around the mid to low strike zone and a nicely sculptured back. This a bat for big front foot hitters.

The Supernova is quite heavy with top weight of 3lbs for the 5 Star Extreme model. The other 7 models come in at 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz. There are 4 Junior models available.The handle is semi oval with a Zone Pro grip.The Supernova decals are a stylish grey/blue.

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 Cricket Bat

The Grey-Nicolls Powerbow 5 is the fifth generation of the Powerbow bat and includes traditional the features of its predecessors. This bat is one which would suit the long high hitter as it incorporates a low hitting zone with an exaggerated bow.

The Powerbow has a semi oval handle with an almost fluorescent yellow grip using the Zone Pro design. This grip is of diagonal ridges but each section faces in the opposite direction making for  zigzag pattern.

The Powerbow 5 has seven grades of willow from the top of the range Limited Edition down to the "400". There are three levels in the Junior range. The Powerbow 5 is attractive with its bright yellow back stickers and handle and weighs between 2lb 8oz to 2lb 12oz depending on the grade.

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