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Gray Nicolls 2017 Batting Pads Review

November 27, 2016

Gray Nicolls 2017 Batting Pads Review

 Gray Nicolls Legend Batting Pads 2017

The Legend legguard is part of the Gray Nicolls Classic series. The front of the pad is pure white with the GN logo discreetly placed on the centre bottom of the pad. The back of the pad is also white  with the straps a black and white check design. The frame of the Legend is made of pre-moulded high density foam bolsters for rigidity and protection and this is reinforced with cane.

The Legend has a shin bolster composed of vapour foam, high density foam with foam strips and poly armour. Usually foam is made by injecting bubbles into polyurethane in different sizes and density. Small bubbles give high levels of hardness but low flexibility and manufactures often use several types of foam in the design of a single product. On the Legend the knee is protected with a Gel Zone knee cup and additional protective strips. These legguards have butterfly straps and there is foam around the instep area. The Legend is Test match standard and comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.


Gray Nicolls Prestige Batting Pads 2017

The Prestige legguards from Gray Nicolls are the second in the classic range. They are designed for Test standard and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Being a classic design, there is just a small GN logo on the front of the pad and the back is white with checkered black and white straps.

These pads are made from high density foam with cane inserts to give vertical support and protection. In addition there is a padded side wing. The knee area is protected by a Gel Zone with EVA foam which is lightweight, soft and flexible.The butterfly straps give the pads a leg hugging feel. There is additional foam around the ankles.

Gray Nicolls Select Batting Pads 2017

The Gray Nicolls Select is a club level pad in the GN Classic range. It is aimed at the club player and comes in small medium and large sizes.  It is constructed from cane inserts with padded side wings.  On the Select the shin is protected by a vertical bolster of foam and the top section above the knee rolls is also padded.

The knee protection is made of three padded sections. There is a padded instep with a durable covering. As part of the Classic range the legguards are white with a small GN logo on the front and checkered black and white straps with the logo on the back.

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 Batting Pads 2017

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 1500 is the top of the range legguard in the Predator 3 range. The Predator 3 range sports white pads with red flashings on the rear and a combination of red, black and white check straps. This pad is ranked suitable for the Test level on both comfort and protection. It is formed from 8 curved and premolded high density foam pieces. Further support and protection for the Predator 3 1500 is given by the inclusion of cane rods. The shin bolster offers three levels of protection. The knee roll is a traditional design of three horizontal bolsters with a gel zone.  On the Predator 3 1500 the pads are secured with butterfly straps that give them a comfortable and tight fit. The bottom two straps are 2.5 inches wide. There are three pad sizes available; Small, Medium, Large.

The Predator 3 1000 legguard is Gray Nicolls county level pad. The construction of the Predator 3 1000 is from vertical bolsters of high density lightweight foam. There is also a wing to give side protection. The knee design of the Predator 3 1000 is the traditional three horizontal bolsters with smart impact absorbing gel. The padded straps at the calf and the ankle level are 2.5 inches wide, the top strap being narrower. The Predator 3 1000 is aimed at the County Level players.

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 600 is a Club level pad. Like other legguards in this range the Predator 3 600 has red flashings to the back of the pad with red additions to the black and white check straps. The straps at the calf and ankle are padded 2.5 inches thick. The pads on the Predator 3 600 are made from 8 high density foam, vertical sections with cane reinforcements. The three shin bolsters are padded and covered with breathable mesh.  There is a pre-moulded knee cap and the straps at the ankle and calf level are 2.5 inch.  These pads come in Youth Medium and Large sizes.

At the academy level Grey Nicolls have produced the Predator 3 450 legguards. These pads are dual winged to suit both right and left handed batters. The Predator  3 450 has a 8 section high density foam front protection with the addition of a 3 section vertical shin bolster. There is a 3 piece knee protection and the straps at ankle and calf level are 2.5 inches wide. The Predator 3 450 comes in Junior, Youth, Medium and Large sizes and is aimed at school level. Like all the Predator 3 range the 450 has red flashing to the back and red with black and white check straps.

Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 Batting Pads 2017

The Velocity XP1 Test is the highest quality legguard in the Velocity range from Gray Nicolls. The Velocity range has green black and white straps and grey inner bolsters. The basic protection comes from 8 lightweight cane rods backed with high density foam strips. The shin protection comes from full length pre-curved high density foam. Together these give the Velocity XP1 Test lightweight dual protection. The knee area is protected by inserts in the horizontal bolsters and by a Gel Zone and there is wing protection on the edge. The Velocity XP1 Test has butterfly straps to give secure fitting and the ankle area has foam for additional comfort.

The Velocity XP1 800 is a County/Test level batting legguard. The pads are built from 20 mm thick, high density foam and cane. High density foam is made by injecting air bubbles into polyurethane which gives a lightweight and strong material. The knee area has a pre-moulded cup and the bolsters are reinforced. 30 mm wings give further protection. The 2 inch padded straps are a green, black and white checked pattern. The buckles are also padded for extra comfort. Velocity XP1 800 comes in Youths, Medium and Large sizes.

Gray Nicolls Velocity XP1 550 is the County level legguard in the Velocity range. It comes in Small Junior, Junior, Youths and Mens sizes and in right and left handed. The face protection is given by 15 mm high density foam and cane with 20 mm side wings. The three piece shin  bolsters give additional protection. On the Velocity XP1 550 the pre-moulded  reinforced internal knee cup gives protection to a vulnerable area. 

The Academy level  legguard in the Velocity range is the Velocity XP1 100. This is a pad with two wings so can be used by right or left handed batters. Close fitting canes provide the basic protection supplemented by lightweight foam bolsters. The instep is reinforced with rip stop fabric. The Velocity XP1 100 comes in sizes from Extra Small Junior to Large. The colors on the straps are the green with black and white check of the Velocity range. 

Gray Nicolls  Supernova Batting Pads 2017

The Supernova Test pads provide the top level of protection in the Supernova range. Using high density foam which is strong and light the pad has pre-moulded foam bolsters reinforced by cane rods to give structure and protection. In addition the Supernova Test has a pre-curved high density foam shin bolster. The knee area is protected with a moulded knee roll and a three section internal knee system with Gel Zone. The butterfly design straps on the Supernova Test are padded as are the buckles and the ankle area to give a comfortable leg hugging fit. The color scheme on the inside is grey, blue and black and the Supernova Test is made in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

The Supernova 900 batting pads have lightweight high density foam bolsters to give structure and protection. In addition the Supernova 900 has a high density foam shin bolster to enable a comfortable fit. The knee is composed of a three section Gel Zone and a molded knee cup. On the Supernova 900 additional comfort is given with foam around the ankle area and butterfly padded straps and padded buckles. The Supernova 900 is made in Youth, Small, Medium and Large sizes and is rated as suitable for  First Class players.

The Supernova 500 pads come in Junior, Youth, Medium and Large sizes and are listed as a Club level legguard. This pad has a traditional cane front for protection with a lightweight foam shin bolster and polyurethane coating. On the Supernova 500 there is a three piece knee section giving double layer impact resistance and a padded upper top hat above the knee roll. The pad also has two side wings.

The Supernova Academy batting pad is designed for junior players coming in extra small junior, small junior, and junior sizes. It is well padded legguard with a lightweight specially designed foam shin bolster for comfort and protection. The top hat above the knee area is also padded. The Supernova academy pad is described as ambidextrous  meaning that it is suitable for left and right handers.

Gray Nicolls  Powerbow 5  Batting Pads 2017

The Test entry legguard in the Powerbow 5 range from Gray Nicolls is the Powerbow 5 1250 batting pads. Among its key features are a basic construction of high density foam strips and lightweight cane rods which gives the Powerbow 5 1250 its traditional appearance. Around the knee area there is a cellular protective insert zone of gel (CPZ) backed up by a reinforced pre moulded knee cap for comfort and protection. The Powerbow has wide straps to calf and ankle areas and butterfly design ensures and a neat, comfortable fit. The inside of the pad has an attractive yellow and black design with a flash of orange. The buckles are padded and there is foam around the ankle area for extra comfort and protection. The Powerbow 5 1250 is made in Small and Medium sizes.

The Powerbow 5 700 is a leggard designed for County level players. It comes in Youth and Medium sizes. The shock absorption comes from the strips of lightweight high density foam and cane rods. In addition there are side wings for extra protection. The inner shin  bolster is lycra covered for breathability. On the Powerbow 5 700 the knee area has a premolded cap and a cellular protective zone gel (CPZ). The 2 inch calf and ankle straps in yellow and black check ensures a snug fit. 

The Club version in the Powerbow range is the Powerbow 5 400 pad which comes in extra small junior, small junior, junior, youth, medium and large sizes. Among its features are a cane front and high density foam side wings for protection.  In addition there is a 3 piece shin bolster of foam and a padded knee area. The 2 inch straps to the calf and ankle with foam in the ankle area ensure the Powerbow 5 400 is a comfortable fit. The back of the pads are colored yellow and black with a flash of orange.

The Academy level pad in the Powerbow range is the Powerbow 5 Blaze. It is essentially a junior pad coming in extra small junior, small junior and junior. The special features of the Powerbow 5 Blaze includes specially designed lightweight foam shin bolster and a padded top hat above the knee area. These pads can be worn by either right or left handed batters.

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