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Adidas Cricket Shoes Review 2017

December 20, 2016

Adidas Cricket Shoes Review 2017

The Adidas Adisero Boost SL 22 Cricket Shoe 2017

The Adidas Adisero Boost SL 22 has a new sole made from a material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with traction lugs instead of spikes. This makes the shoe considerably lighter than conventional ones. The Adisero Boost SL 22 has a beveled heel that helps avoid stress and stains coming from the impact of the heel to the ground and uses a boost material midsole to help taking quick singles and sprinting round the field.


There is a snug fit in the forefoot, which gives stability to the foot, but the shoe widens out in midfoot and heel area to allow ventilation. The running tongue and soft upper material makes the shoe very comfortable.




The Adidas Adipower Vector Mid Bowling Boot 2017

The Adidas Adipower Vector Mid is possibly the best bowling boot on the market, made with input from Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad. Bowling shoes try to cushion the impact of the heel and foot to reduce strain on the knee and hip.




The Adipower Vector Mid uses a cushioning material in the heel area created by Adidas called Adiprene which is a flexible cushioning material. The midsole is also cushioned by EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)  a manufactured material which has many of the characteristics of rubber. The outside of the shoe is TPU that is a strong and light material. 


It is important that the shoe fits snugly and comfortably and this is brought about by a mid cut ankle and heel and internal vector straps that cradles the foot to create an internal support cage. The heel is beveled to help the transition from jumping to landing.



The Adidas SL 22 Batting Shoe 2017

The Adidas SL 22 is a batting shoe designed for a long stay in the middle. It boasts comfort and extreme grip. The upper is designed to support the forefoot to allow quick multidirectional movement and the shoe opens out in the mid area and the heel to ensure ventilation and lightness.




The midfoot area is made from molded EVA which is a light strong material. The insole is made from a material called aidPRENE which is an excellent cushioner to help reduce foot strains. The shoe is made similar to the design of a runners shoe so that it will fit snugly and comfortably.


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